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Phone Status for SmartWatch2

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NOTE:You need Sony SmartWatch2 device to use this software.See Smartwatch2 FAQ and Troubleshooting page for your info:
Displays and changes your phone status. Also works as alternative watchface.Change to Silent mode / Normal mode without taking out your phone, change music volume remotely, etc.
-Check Time / Date-Check Battery life-Check Signal status-Check / Change WiFi Status (include Tethering, with off-timer)-Check / Change Mode Status (with switch back timer)-Check / Change Sound Status-Check / Change Mobile Network Status-White / Black color scheme
To turn tethering on, turn off WiFi if it is on, then long hold WiFi on button.Timer may be disabled if you turn on tethering and quickly open WiFi state window. Time for auto off shows time which becomes off, not remaining time.
To change color scheme, change option from smartconnect app.Feel free to e-mail me for any requests.
FAQ Q: Can you show battery life for SmartWatch2? A: Need sony to provide API to get SW2 battery info.
Known Bug/Limitations: Signal Strength might not show in LTE. If tethering on doesn't work, try using custom ssid/key setting. Tethering seems not to work on recent OS, due to security.
* If license error shows up, e-mail me with what message is shown in display.
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2